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The 500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle is also known as the JAC. This tall elegant beer bottle is supplied with a variety of coloured crowns. This bottle is great for beer, juice, cider etc. And will compliment your beverage with its stunning design.

This glass bottle is perfect for…

Our 500ml tall amber glass beer bottle is perfect for stouts, ales, IPAs, pale ales, dark ales, ciders and beer. The bottle can also be used for any other mildly fizzy drinks, including kombucha.

This glass bottle is supplied with a choice of coloured crown bottle caps. These are all 26mm and include Gold, Dark Gold, Silver, White, Black, Red, Burgundy, Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Light Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Dark Orange and Brown. These all require a capper to be applied. They offer a strong industry standard seal.

If you would like to purchase extra caps, cappers or gift boxes for these bottles please follow the links below.

26mm Crown Caps
Hand beer capper
Bench beer capper
3 x 500ml beer bottle gift box


Product Dimensions

500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle approx specifications.


Fill Height62mm
Label Panel104.5mm

500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle

PriceFrom £0.48
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