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This Ferrari "Kelly" twin lever bottle capper is made of high-tech, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.


The inner shrinking wings are made of high tech plastic. It strong, durable and simple to use. Thanks to the new steel crimping cap, spcially designed, the crown cap is accurately tightened with a precise and continuous movement of the levers.


Suitable for any bottle which take a standard 26mm crown cap. Simply put a crown in the machine on the magnet. Place over the top of the bottle and then push the handles down until fully down. This will crimp the crown around the neck of the bottle and leave a nice finish.

This capper is perfect for…

This hand capper is perfect for use with our standard 26mm beer crown and our standard beer and cider bottles. It will also work with any standard 26mm crown.
This capper is compatible with

This capper is compatible with the following products

26mm Crown Caps
330ml Amber Beer Bottles
330ml Cider Bottles
500ml Amber Beer Bottle
500ml Tall Amber Beer Bottle
500ml Clear Cider Bottle

And any other standard sized beer bottles with a 26mm crown.


How to use this beer capper


Ferrari Handheld Beer Capper

    • Works perfectly with 26mm crowns.
    • Perfect for use with home-brew kits.
    • Made from high quality plastic and metal.
    • Perfect for ale, stout, cider and beer.
    • The perfect gift for a home brewer.

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