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5 Wedding Favours Using Glass Jars and Bottles

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Wedding season is fast approaching and I'm sure all of you with weddings this year are gearing up to have the best day of your life. Everything is booked. The venue, the band, the caterers. But what about the wedding favours?

Are you making your own wedding favours for your guests? We have 5 great ideas that we think would look amazing at any wedding. They are easy to make and will suit any budget. Best of all. They all use Sen5es range of high quality glass jars and glass bottles!

5 wedding favour ideas using glass jars and bottles

1. Personalised Sweet Jars!

For this idea we have used our 212ml Round Jar. Simply fill it with your desired sweets. Add a name tag and some ribbon and you are done!

Why not choose a few of your favourite sweets and have different jars on each table.

Glass jar with sweets wedding favour
Photo by Paul Stollery on Unsplash

2. "Let Love Grow" Seed Favours

What better way to share the love than to let your friends and family take it home and watch it grow! For this crafty idea we have used our 50ml Mini Spirit Bottles.

We have filled them with wildflower seeds. Added a label (make sure you include planting instructions) and some twine.

Your guests can them take them with them to plant some lovely seeds in their garden.

3. Home Made Jam in Mini Jam Jars

For this wedding favour we have used our 1.5oz Mini Jam Jars. These are the little jars you tend to find in hotels and B&Bs full of lovely jam.

Why not make your own jam and jar it up in these little mini jams. It gives a very nice personalised touch to your wedding favour.

Simply fill your mini jars with your favourite flavour jam. Add a label and some lovely ribbon and your are sorted! Your guests will love this personal touch.

strawberry jam wedding favour

4. Mini Shot Bottles

Everyone likes to have a little drink at a wedding to celebrate (adults only of course!). So why not share your favourite tipple by giving away a mini bottle of it as a wedding favour?

We've used our 50ml Mini Flask Bottle for this wedding favour. In the UK a single shot is either 25ml or 35ml so this bottle works perfectly for a shot of liquor.

This one is a pretty easy wedding favour to craft. Purchase some large bottles of your favourite spirit. Decant in to our smaller mini spirit bottles. Label. And your done! Don't forget to add a personal touch.

glass bottle wedding favours
Bottle your favourite whisky to hand out as favours!

5. Zamzam Water in Mini Bottles

This one is mainly for our Asian customers. Zamzam water has been a very popular choice as wedding favours in recent years. Zamzam water is considered Holy in the Islamic religion and therefore is considered very special as a wedding favour.

We would recommend using any of our mini glass bottles to package your Zamzam water. Then it's simply a case of labelling it and adding your own personal touch. A popular choice is either our 34ml Essence Bottle or our 50ml Mini Flask Bottle.

We don't have access to Zamzam water so we haven't attempted to make these favours. However They are easy to create. Simply fill your bottles with Zam Zam water and decorate to suit. Use labels, ribbons and stickers to create your perfect wedding favours. They will be the perfect gift for your lovely guests.

glass jar wedding favour
Photo by Wedding Photography on Unsplash

Thank you so much for taking the time to read another Sen5es blog. Hopefully you have found some inspiration for your wedding favours. And don't forget to head over to our online shop to buy all your glass jars and bottles. We have a fantastic range at incredible prices.

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All the best

The team at Sen5es

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