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Product Spotlight: 1.5oz Mini Jam Jar

Updated: Mar 20

Is there a more iconic jar than the 1.5oz mini jam jar? Seen in B&B's across the country and used for cream teas from Devon to Cornwall. This is definitely one of the most recognisable glass jars around.

The 1.5oz mini jam jar is one of our most popular products from our entire glass jars range. It's an icon in the glass packaging industry and has a surprising amount of uses. Obviously it's great for storing jams, chutneys and honeys. But did you know it can also be great for sauces, mayonnaise and wedding favours.

At 43ml in size it's the perfect size jar for samples. It means you can offer samples to your customers without having to sell or give away large quantities. And by giving them a sample in such an attractive package you are sure to get them hooked. If your samples are presented in such amazing packaging image what the full size product will be! This jar goes perfectly alongside some of our larger sized jars and offers a great way to complete your line up of different sizes.

43ml mini jam jar

Wedding Favours

These little jars make fantastic home made wedding favours. You can fill them with home made jams or chutneys or even fill them with small sweets. They are cute and look good no matter what the contents. Your wedding guests will definitely be happy with these as home made wedding favours.

We even featured them in our 5 wedding favours made from jars and bottles blog. In our blog we suggest using them for giving away some of your favourite jam. However they can be used for all sorts of favours.

Each jar can be customised depending on what's in it and who it's for. You can even use them as place holders by putting a name on the lid of the jar. This adds an extra layer of care and attention that we are sure your guests will appreciate.

1.5oz mini glass jar wedding favours
These mini jars make fantastic wedding favours

Sample Jar

As well as making great wedding favours they make great sample jars. Have small sample jars of your products is a great way of letting customer try your products before they have to buy a larger quantity.

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog. Everyone will recognise this style of jar and will know exactly how much of your product they are getting. Maybe they want to test your honey in their porridge but want to try it first. Or see how well your strawberry jam goes on their toast. These little jars off your customers the perfect way to try a small amount of your product.

1.5oz mini glass jam jar

43mm Twist off Lids

These jars are supplied with 43mm twist off lids in a variety of colours. We currently stock this cap in gold, black, silver and white with a standard finish. And gold and black with a tamper evident button finish.

The caps feature a runner liner which helps to offer an air tight seal within the jar. Which will protect your product and help with it's shelf life. The cap liner is vinegar and acid proof so it's suitable for all sorts of products including preserves and chutneys.

What do you think of this fabulous little jar? Do you use them for your products? Or have you used them when having an afternoon tea? Let us know in the comments below.

Hopefully you have found some inspiration for your wedding favours or sample jars. Don't forget to head over to our online shop to buy all your glass jars and bottles. We have a fantastic range at incredible prices.

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All the best

The team at Sen5es

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