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Product Spotlight: Packaging Supplies

Did you know Sen5es also sells packaging supplies! We have a range of boxes, tape and packaging in stock ready to purchase.

We like to offer an all in one service at Sen5es. We know you love buying all your glass jars and glass bottles from us. So why not make it easy and sell the perfect packaging alongside them?

We've slowly been building our range of packaging supplies to help compliment our products. And we are hoping to continue to expand our range.

In this weeks blog we take a look at some of our new packaging supplies.

packaging supplies product spotlight

Boxes For Glass Jars And Bottles

We've got a range of boxes for sale that are designed specifically for shipping glass jars and bottles to customers. In fact, we know they work perfectly. Because we use them to ship our products to you!

We have a range of different sized boxes in stock. 6" x 6" x 6" small cube box. Perfect for samples. To a 15" x 10" x 10" box with optional dividers. Perfect for shipping out 24 bottle or jars.

We sell our exclusive box dividers with our boxes. However if you were looking to get more dividers all you need to do is let us know and we can work out a price for you. These are perfect to help separate your products in transit.

Bespoke Packaging Supplies

By working closely with our packaging manufacturers we are able to offer bespoke packaging supplies as well.

Do you need a shipping box that fits 12 beer bottles perfectly? We can help with that.

With bespoke packaging however there are several costs and challenges involved. Each new product requires a new tool to be made. Which varies in price depending on the size of the box or packaging. There is also a minimum order or at least 1000 units. So it all depends on how many boxes you require to whether or not this option is worth it for you.

Tape and Packaging Supplies

As well as boxes and dividers we also have a range of tapes and packaging supplies. These are perfect to order alongside your order of jars and bottles. By ordering all your packaging supplies in one place we hope to save you time and money.

We've recently started stocking an eco friendly hive wrap. Made from hexagonal shaped cells of cardboard, it's an eco alternative to bubble wrap. It's easy to use and doesn't create more plastic waste in the environment. We find it works great for packaging our glass jars and glass bottles.

No matter how you are sending your products out, you will need tape. Brown and fragile tapes aren't the most exciting things to be thinking about but they are definitely essential. If you've ever received an order from us, you would have seen both as we use them all the time! We have now started selling both brown tape and fragile tape on our online store. So it's perfect to pick up from as little as one roll to add to your order!

Future Packaging Supplies

We have been experimenting with postal tubes for the 150ml Sauce Bottle. We've been using them to send samples of this particular bottle out and we are having great results. We also have a few hot sauce companies who have started using them. Once our tests are complete we should be bringing them to the website!

As for other future packaging supplies we are hoping to expand our eco range of packaging and our shipping boxes. Is there any sizes in particular that you want to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Expanding our range is always a priority at Sen5es. We love to be able to supply our customers with everything they need. So if there's anything you think we should start stocking get in touch today!

packaging supplies for bottles and jars
Photo by Klára Vernarcová on Unsplash

What do you use to package your glass jars and bottles? Do you use one of our boxes? Or do you have your own unique solution? Let us know in the comments below!

If you have any questions when it comes to packaging, bottles, jars or anything else we are happy to help! Just get in touch today and one our friendly team will be happy to help.

Don't forget you can sign up to our newsletter to never miss out on any news from Sen5es again. Or you can follow us on social media to get all the latest news on products and blogs. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page and give us a like and a follow.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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