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Product Spotlight: 150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle

Hands up! Who here makes hot sauce? Well you've come to the right place. Our 150ml glass sauce bottle is the perfect glass bottle to package your home made hot sauce in.

In this weeks blog we are going to take a look at the humble 150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle and tell you all about it's amazing features, it's uses and how it's perfect for your homemade sauces, vinegars and oils.

150ml hot sauce bottle

150ml Glass Sauce Bottle

Our most popular sauce bottle is definitely our 150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle. It is loved by hot sauce producers all over the country and you can see why. It's easy to label, easy to fill and most importantly it looks good on the shelf.

It's not just great for chilli hot sauces though! This 150ml bottle is perfect for all kinds of sauces, oils and vinegars. Do you sell ketchups? BBQ sauces? Maybe you even produce your own range of soy sauces? This is the perfect bottle for any of these uses.

Glass Sauce Bottles

Glass is best. It's a fact. With plastic bottles your oils and sauces can be affected by leaching. This means the sauce you produce won't taste the same by the time your customer gets to enjoy it. Glass is inert and therefore won't leak harmful chemicals in to your products.

We have a huge range of glass bottles perfect for sauces. From our 100ml Dorica Oil Bottle all the way up to our 1000ml Soft Drinks bottle. All of these can be used for storing and selling sauces in.

Glass is also endlessly recyclable. End consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious and look for packaging that is either made from recycled materials or can be recycled. Well glass is both! All of our glass bottles are produced with a percentage of recycled glass being used in the process. And as we all know glass is easy to recycle! Just make sure it's washed and colours are kept separate.

150ml woozy bottle

Hot Sauce Bottles

By far the most popular use of this 150ml bottle is for hot sauces. With the craft hot sauce market booming in the UK we have seen a sharp rise in the sale of these bottles.

More and more craft hot sauce producers are springing up around the UK. All providing their unique take on the humble hot sauce. From speciality chillies to weird and wonderful flavours. They can all be packaged in this amazing little bottle. And more importantly they can all stand out and be unique.

This bottle has quite a unique design with it's long neck and angular shoulders. But it doesn't overpower any label you wrap around it. It's just unique enough to help enhance any branding you place upon it.

Some examples of our customers who make hot sauces are below!

Worcester Sauce Bottle

Have you seen this bottle before? Maybe on the supermarket shelf?

The most famous use of this particular size and shape bottle is of course Lea and Perrins Worcester Sauce. This iconic British staple is seen in every kitchen across the country. So you know this bottle is a customer favourite.

This bottle is perfect for the end consumer. Easy to hold and pour from. The 150ml capacity gives your customer the perfect amount of sauce before it has the chance to go bad. It also means they will keep coming back for more when their bottle runs out!

Sauce Bottle Caps

We offer a range of different caps for this particular bottle. The bottle takes a 24mm screw top and we stock it in black, white and black with a dripper insert. All 3 caps are made from food quality plastic and have an EPE liner to prevent leakages and plastic leaching in to your product.

The 24mm dripper cap is perfect for thinner sauces, oils and vinegars. It gives your customers complete control over how much of your product they use.

The standard 24mm cap. Available in black and white. Is perfect for thicker sauces as it doesn't restrict the flow of the bottle contents at all.

As well as bottle caps we also offer a range of heat shrink capsules which give the finishing touch to your bottle. They provide a tamper evident seal and a touch of class to your finished product. Giving your customers a sense of security. Any capsules with a diameter of 31-34mm will be perfect for this bottle.

5oz Sauce Bottle

Sauce Bottle Packaging

As well as a range of caps we also have 2 options for gift packaging for this bottle.

Our popular black cardboard presentation box holds 3 of the 150ml sauce bottles. These are perfect for selling as gift sets, especially at Christmas time. They are made from single wall black cardboard and have a plain design so they are fully customisable with your own branding.

Alternatively we also stock a clear plastic bottle wrap. This also holds 3 of the 150ml sauce bottles and keeps things simple. Made from 1 piece of semi transparent plastic it wraps around your bottles providing a carry handle for your customer to use when taking them home.

hot sauce bottle presentation box

Don't forget to head over to our glass bottle shop for all your glass bottles needs. We hold all of our items in stock at our warehouse near Liverpool in the UK and can offer next day delivery. Wholesale prices are also available on all of our glass bottles and jars!

Do you already use the 150ml Worcester Sauce bottle for your sauces? Maybe you are just about to start your very own hot sauce business? Don't forget we offer amazing prices and love showcasing our customers products. We feature them in blogs and on our social media.

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. So make sure you head over there and give us a follow and like. And make sure you tag us in all your awesome product shots!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

150ml worcester sauce bottle

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