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Product Spotlight: 50ml Mini Spirit Bottle

Are you looking for the perfect 50ml sample bottle for your product? Then look no further! Our 50ml mini spirit bottle is versatile, affordable and stylish. It's the perfect solution for your mini bottle needs.

Our range of mini glass bottles is always growing and getting more diverse. The 50ml mini spirit was one of our first mini bottles and has become a favourite among our customers.

Sen5es is famous for it's range of affordable glass bottles. And that's no exception with this 50ml mini bottle. With unit prices starting from just £0.20 before delivery. You can see why this bottle is so popular.

50ml mini glass bottle

Wholesale 50ml Miniature Bottles

These little bottles are perfect for any sized business or occasion. We sell them individually or in small quantities. All the way up to wholesale quantities and even full pallets.

We will have the perfect quantity to suit your needs and budget. As with our entire range of glass packaging. We work tirelessly to ensure you get the best possible prices for the best possible products. We personally choose each product we stock and we ensure it meets our high standards. So you can be sure you are going to receive an amazing product at an incredible price.

50ml Miniature bottle

Mini Bottles for Wedding Favours

This is the perfect bottle for using for samples and wedding favours! We even recently wrote a blog on 5 ways to use our mini bottles for wedding favours.

With it's elegant and stylish design. The 50ml mini spirit bottle makes the perfect wedding favour. You can fill it with your favourite spirit, seeds, zam zam water or even turn it in to a message in a bottle! The possibilities are endless with this lovely bottle.

50ml Liquor Bottle

Mini Spirit Gift Boxes

To help finish of your sample packaging we also offer 2 different boxes to fit this bottle.

We have a simple square 3 x 50ml craft bottle pack. This comes in a brown craft card and has a cut out window to display your products. There is plenty of space to add your own branding and show off your products.

Alternatively we have a 5 x 50ml craft bottle carry pack. This pack allows you to sell 5 samples of your different products. And it features a convenient carry handle for your customer to hold. It also has 5 individual product windows to help show off your labels. And plenty of space to add your own branding.

mini bottle gift box
Pip's Hot Sauces using our box to show off their products!

Caps and Capsules

This little liquor bottle is supplied with either a black or silver 20mm polycone plastic screw cap. The cap itself is made from a strong and durable plastic and has an integrated clear polycone insert. When the cap is applied to the bottle, this inset goes in to the neck of the bottle creating a perfect seal. The cap is easily applied by hand which means you won't need any fancy machinery to apply them.

The 50ml mini bottle can also be supplied with a 25x26mm clear heat shrink band. This will allow you to add a layer of tamper evidence to you product. By adding this over your cap and applying heat. It will shrink to fit the size and shape of the bottle. And in the process seal you bottle until it is ready to be opened and enjoyed by your customer.

Do you use our 50ml mini spirits for your products? Or do you want to use them but need to know more? We'd love to hear from you. Simply get in touch and let us know how we can help!

We'd love to know how you are using this amazing little bottle. To show off your product make sure you tag us in your posts on social media. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And use the hashtag #sen5esbottles to show off your products.

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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