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Product Spotlight: Presentation boxes

Did you know we offer a range of presentation and gift boxes for our jars and bottles??

It may be a little early to start thinking about Christmas presents for some! But we know small businesses are starting to plan what they can offer their customer that is unique and present worthy.

We have the perfect solution for any small artisan business that uses our jars and bottles to house their amazing products. We are pleased to offer a range of carefully selected boxes for presenting your wonderful products.

The Somerset Chilli Co's bottles look great in our 150ml Black box. The simplicity of the clean black lines of the box allow your labels to really pop and show off your product. There is even room to add your own branding above the windows and on the back of the box!

50ml Mini spirit bottle presentation box

Do you own a small gin business? Or maybe you have a range of hot sauces? We have the perfect box for you. With our 5 x 50ml Mini Spirit box you can sell a selection of your top products in a perfect package.

They make the perfect Christmas present, birthday gift or even a house warming present. Imagine 5 of your products in our 50ml Mini Bottles, packaged nicely in this gift box. Ready to be purchased by your customer and given as a present.

We've received so much great feedback from customers who do exactly that. It adds another way for their customers to buy. Especially around Christmas time. You can be sure there will fly out the door or off your market stall!

mini spirit bottle presentation box

What if you didn't want carry handles on your mini spirit bottle presentation box? Well, you're in luck!

We also stock a 3 x 50ml mini spirit box. With its easy to put together design and simple aesthetic, it's the perfect box to house 3 of your products.

Do you have a mild, medium and spicy hot sauce? Why not sell them as a gift in this 3 bottle sample box? The box is perfect for 3 of our 50ml Mini Spirit bottles and has room to add your own branding.

500ml beer bottle presentation box

"What about us breweries or homebrewers?" We hear you say! Not to worry, we've got you covered!

We have a couple of boxes to suit all the beer and cider makers out their.

First up is our 500ml black box which you can see above. It houses 3 500ml beer bottles. We've designed it specifically to fit any of our 500ml beer or cider bottles. That includes the 500ml Amber Beer Bottles, the 500ml Tall amber beer bottles or the 500ml Clear Cider Bottles.

Gift box for 330ml beer bottles

The next box we have for the beer and cider makers is our 330ml x 3 box. This comes in a classic brown cardboard and have one large window to view all the labels. It fits either of our standard beer bottles. Including the 330ml amber beer and the 330ml clear cider bottle.

This box doesn't just cater to our beer and cider making customers. It also fits out 250ml and 330ml soft drink bottles. The 250ml is a little short for the box but with a little tissue paper or padding it can work!

Thank you for joining us for another look at some of our amazing products.

Have you used any of our presentation boxes for your products? We'd love to see! Make sure you tag us in any social media posts and use the #sen5esbottles.

What other boxes would you like to see us stock? Leave a comment below to let us know

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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