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Sen5es : New Product Spotlight

31 x 55mm Clear Capsule

31x55mm Clear Capsule

Here at Sen5es we are always excited to get new line products in and we think this will be an exciting one for all you businesses out there.

The new 31 x 55mm Clear Capsule is a great way to seal a wide variety of bottles and it's open top design makes for an easy to use vertical perforation. They really are so easy to apply anyone would find them such a time saver when it comes having a large amount of bottles to seal. Ideal for those tight deadlines and rush orders.

We have a wide range of Clear Shrink Capsules and we are pleased for this one to be the new addition and we think you will find the very one to fit your needs.

31 x 55mm Clear Capsule

As our customers will know, a tamper evident seal is something everything in your local supermarket has to ensure that the product has not been tampered with since it was made. Having something like this on your bottles and jars offers far more protection than simply a cap alone can provide.

This product is similar to our other Clear Shrink Capsules and perfect for the 150ml sauce bottles. they are v easy to apply. Think of the amount of time that could be saved when you have a tall order to fill. The fact that they are clear also means you can display whatever caps or logos on the top that you wish without the cap covering any of it.

Our 31 x 55mm Clear Capsule is already a perfect fit for several of our Glass Bottles in various sizes and if you're not sure if it will fit something please don't hesitate to Contact us.

150ml Worcester Sauce Bottle

250ml Polo Bottle

500ml Polo Bottle

700ml Polo Bottle

700ml Tall Spirits Bottle

250ml Soft Drink Bottle with Metal Cap Only

330ml Soft Drink Bottle with Metal Cap Only

500ml Soft Drink Bottle with Metal Cap Only

750ml Soft Drink Bottle with Metal Cap Only

1000ml Soft Drink Bottle with Metal Cap Only

If you have any questions when it comes to Clear Shrink Capsules, Caps, Glass Bottles, Glass Jars or anything else we are happy to help! Just get in touch today and one our friendly team will be happy to help.

Glass Bottles with various shrink capsules

In our online store we ensure that all of our Glass Bottle listings tell you which Capsule will work with each product. Simply find the bottle or jar you use, scroll down to the Caps section in the description. Here you will find a list of caps and capsules that will fit that particular bottle.

If however, you have bought your bottles elsewhere and can't see it on our website. You can also measure your bottle and cap to find the perfect sized capsule for you.

We've even created a handy blog to show you how to measure your bottle. You can find it here.

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All the best and happy new year!

The team at Sen5es

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