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Sen5es Top 10 Christmas gift ideas

Have you been wondering what unique and interesting gifts you can get your friends and family for Christmas? Well don't worry we've got some great ideas for you!

We've had a think and come up with some great ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts for that bottle and jar lover in your life. From your brother who loves to home brew to your aunty who loves whisky. We've got 10 perfect gift ideas for you during this holiday season.

1. For the whisky lover. The Eagle Decanter.

The eagle decanter bottle is perfect for any whisky lover and is sure to stand out in a crowd of other presents. Full of whisky and sitting on a shelf, this bird looks regal and captivating. Starting at £7.99 for one it gives you spare money to spend on a bottle of whisky to fill it.

2. For the homebrewer. A 500ml Home brew bottle kit.

500ml beer bottle homebrew kit

This 500ml homebrew bottle kit is the perfect gift for any home brewer. Help get your friend or family member started on their homebrew journey with this home brew bottle kit. Designed to be able to bottle 40 pints (the standard homebrew amount) and with a choice of crowns this is an awesome gift for the beer lover in your life.

The kit costs £26.99 and includes 40 x 500ml brown beer bottles, 40 x 26mm crowns in your choice of colour and 1 x handheld beer capper.

3. For the beer lover. A 330ml Home brew bottle kit.

330ml homebrew kit

The kit costs £35.99 and includes 60 x 330ml brown beer bottles, 60 x 26mm crowns in your choice of colour and 1 x handheld beer capper. This 330ml homebrew bottle kit is the perfect gift for someone. Whether it's for Christmas or a Birthday. Help get your friend or family member started on their homebrew journey with this home brew bottle kit. As with the 500ml kit this is also designed to be able to bottle 40 pints.

4. For the serious home brewer. A 1ltr Siphon growler bottle.

1ltr growler glass bottle

The 1ltr siphon is the smallest in our growler bottle range. It is supplied with either a plastic or ceramic swingstopper and is perfect for storing your homebrewed beer in.

To cover a usual 40 pint homebrew kit you will need around 24 of these bottles. For 24 of these bottles with the ceramic swingstopper caps it will cost £114.99.

5. For something a little different. The motorcycle decanter.

350ml motorcycle decanter

The 350ml motorcycle decanter is a really unique bottle. If you are looking for something a little different we would definitely recommend this. Maybe you know someone who loves motorbikes or maybe just interesting things to show off around their house.

Supplied with either gold or silver metal caps. The price for one of these bottles is just £3.64. A great and affordable present idea.

6. For the foodie. The perfect oil pourer set.

500ml oil bottle with cap

This 500ml dorica oil pourer kit is perfect for any foodies in your life. With 2 of these amazing bottles and our oil pourer caps you can really show off your kitchen skills.

Priced at just £6.99 for 2 bottles and 2 pourer caps this is a great and affordable present for anyone who is interested in cooking.

7. For the jam maker. The perfect jam jars.

190ml Hexagonal Jar

The 190ml hexagonal jar is your quintessential jam jar. Supplied with gold, white or black caps, this jar is perfect for all your canning needs.

Prices range depending on how many you purchase. But for 25 jars with lids it will only cost £12. That's under 50p per jar! What a bargain and what a great present idea for any keen jam maker in your life.

8. Something that stands out from the crowd. The 2L Old Bohemian.

The 2000ml Old bohemian definitely stands out in a crowd. Standing at 35cm tall, this bottle literally towers over the rest. Costing £14.99 for one bottle, this premium growler beer bottle is perfect for decorating your house as well as storing your beer.

You can use this as a flower vase, a loose change collector or even a doorstop! You could even just leave it on the shelf in your kitchen to look cool and start conversation.

9. A nice center piece. The polo bottles.

The polo bottles with fairy lights

The polo bottles are supplied in 250ml, 500ml and 700ml sizes. You can get 1 of each for around £20.

Combining all 3 of our polos bottles is a nice way to create a feature. You can either fill them with flowers or like we have above, with fairy lights. These are perfect to take camping or for a center piece on your table at Christmas.

10. For the quirky picnic. The mason mugs.

450ml mason cup

The mason mug comes in either a 450ml or 630ml size. Depending on how big you need them. Both are perfect for packing drinks and food in for taking on a picnic. They are also great for having around the house and make for great drinking cups at a BBQ.

They are also great for storing and making overnight oats, like in the photo above. We even wrote a handy blog with instructions on how to make your own overnight oat, you can read it by clicking here.


Wow, there are some awesome ideas for some gifts in this guide. For a full list of them head over to our gift ideas shop page, here.

What will you be buying for someone this Christmas?

Don't forget to tag us @sen5esbottles in any Instagram posts which show off your uses for our products!

Also just to check and see if you have been paying attention. How many Santa hats have you spotted in this blog? Comment below!

All the best

The team at Sen5es

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